This forum is free to use - but it does generate hosting costs.

In many cases jvmforum.com has helped fix peoples amps, saving the owner both time and money, or helped by saving someone's rig setup with advice on how to connect etc.

This forum incurs expenses which we can't afford to fund solely so we have a voluntary donate button so that we can share around the cost a bit - we help you - you help us deal [smilie=gt-happyup.gif]

You decide the amount, when it's sent etc. The currency is GBP but paypal convert it for us if you pay in $ or euro or whatever.

I prefer this to having paid ads as other forums do, which I think spoils the experience and can sometimes be confusing.

Some generous benefactors set up a recurring subscription on Paypal to send us a monthly payment - that's good for us to get a steady amount coming in.

If we don't get enough income it may be that we have to charge for new memberships, as we always have a job at the end of year to make ends meet.

All comments are welcome !
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There is a short url to get to this page : http://jvmforum.com/donate

please click here to donate : https://www.paypal.me/jvmforum

Cheers !!!

Andy and the marvelous moderator magicians