My JVM 205H is finally here !

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My JVM 205H is finally here !

Post by Lorenzar » Fri Aug 04, 2017 9:21 am

Hi guys !

So after a long wait (I believe I post a couple of things here back in may), my JVM 205H is finally at home ! (without footswitch and power cable though ! ahah! Marshall apparently forgot to put those in the box, as it was still sealed, gotta have to wait a little bit for the FS).

What a terrific amp that is ! Instant improvement over anything I had so far (not like I had really fancy amp either, I was on the 20W territory so far, JVM being my first 50W amp, but probably the most manageable at low volume as well!).

So far I think it's an easy amp to use. I've noticed Crunch Orange and OD Green has less volume than other modes, so I set Master 1 for Clean Green and Crunch Red and OD Orange and Red and use Master 2 for Crunch Orange and OD Green, and this master 2 can act as a boost for the 4 modes with channel 1 set.

What I do to dial up, so far I let the EQ and gain around 12 o'clock, I set the master 1 first for my clean sound, adjust the volume control for the crunch Red to balance, and do the same with OD Orange and Red. Seems like it's gonna be the 4 modes I use the most anyway.

There's really something special that I love about this Marshall dirt sound. I know my OD channel here is like the OD2, which is supposed to be "less" marshally, but whatever that is, there's definitely to me here the thing I love about Marshall and that I do not find on other amps.

Having said that, I will, for the sake of doing it, try to set my EQ with the converted OD1 curve to see how it sounds, but I'm pretty sure I won't bother with this in the long run.

Another very cool features is the slaving thing. I tried (once again for the sake of doing it as this JVM is my better amp and I won't slave anything in it except for fun) to put my little Randall RD5 into the JVM (serial loop return). Wow ! This kinda weak amp turns into a beast using JVM power section !

I even tried to run an A/B box with the exemple they talk about in the manual, using the external amp into the parallell loop return with mix 100% wet and go back in forth between the Clean green and the Randall. Sounded freakin good and convenient !

Makes me think the slaving thing can be absolutely usefull as well when you have a freakin loud amp or one where the master volume is not progressive at all (hello Mesa Boogie and Orange!) and you want to use them at home with low/controlled volume. I guess the JVM could be your best friend for that as well !

But like I said, I'm so in love with it for the last couple of days, that I don't think I'll touch any other amps for a while.

As far as the parallell loops is going, I'll post something in another thread, cause it seems that I'm doing something a bit unorthodox so far. As I'd like to use my FX sometimes only on Clean and bypassed on OD (I hadn't this luxury before, I was FX Loop always on, but let's make advantage of a cool feature), I've noticed, not a volume drop but a volume increase when the loop in engaged. So I run it 90% dry (the volume seems to be the same that way), it gives me a subtle delay that I like, but for my Chorus pedal I need to put the level effect on the pedal really high to hear the chorus effect. Seems to work though !

By the way, I'm only using the amp at low volume so far, I found it to be pretty quiet, my next band practice should be at the end of august.
Oh and I'm running it through my Peavey 2*12 cab currently loaded with 2 Neo Creamback speakers. Sounds good ! But will probably start to hunt for a cheap used Marshall 4*12 for rehearsal !!!!

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