Bias spiked outta nowhere

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Bias spiked outta nowhere

Post by gadgetfreak » Thu Sep 28, 2017 8:28 pm

So I'm jamming on about volume 4 gain@ 6 and master @4 and out of nowhere my amp kind of made a little pop not even really a pop but something like that. Next thing I know my volume wasn't that loud and I thought i blew a tube. Weird thing is I changed the PI and seemed to sound thicker again but I noticed over the next couple of weeks something wasn't right.

i just cracked her open and checked my bias, one tube was 36mv and the other was Ready for it, almost 60mv. How did that not fry something? Is that something power tubes can do. I just rebias'd and she's holding steady at 38mv for 460 pv and all sound's amazing and back to what I know to be my amp.

Just curious if that is something I should look into further or if it aint broke don't fix it? Btw Im using JJ kt77's, I'm ready to buy some new tubes just to try el34's again but these Kt77s are only about a yr old and not an insane amount of use. What are ya'll thoughts on a tube drifting that far without redplating? Pretty crazy and a test to how stout JJ's are whether you like em or not and I'm not affliated at all. The amp came used with them already in it.

One more interesting thing that may lead a real amp tech to something is I sprung for some NOS SED Winged C's and they were the real deal and one of them went up in a fire works show inside the tube and I believe it was the same tube that was at about 60mA and yes I definitley rebias'd between changes. so now I have 1 amazing NOS Sed Winged C with about 10 hours on it and can't find a match anywhere. Ok don't want to sidetrack my own thread but thought that may clue an amp tech to something bigger going on. Thanks guys/gals if your out there
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