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Back to the forum: been a few years...

Post by kingsxman » Mon Dec 10, 2018 2:39 am

First off: I know this forum was offline for awhile. So thanks to whomever brought it back. It was a great resource and glad that its still here. First item was making donation to the forum as I always found it useful. Now...onto other things:

Sold my last JVM a few years ago and have been playing around with various amps during that time. I had 3 different JVM's prior to selling the last one: 210H, 410H and a 215C. Did mods to all of them. Sold them all but loved them when I had them. I've had a bunch of amps during that time and my main gigging amp now (if you can call it that) is a Kemper. They are great for giggin. But....I'm lazy and like to have something with a good Marshall sound kept handy at the house so I bought a JVM 210H from a buddy who's leaving town. So back at it again and need to start the mods.

My sig shows my old 410H and what mods I did. Question is: are these still the recommended mods for a JVM 210H or should I be looking at something else now?
Marshall JVM 410H (mods: 5H choke, anti-stiffness, 185k resistor for negative feedback, OD Gain reduction, Compression reduction, 1 ufd plexi cap)
if memory serves me right....I remember the chock and negative feedback mods seem to have the most effect on the feel of the amp. (I seem to remember the plexi cap mod not doing much). I'm a bit spoiled as I sold my JVM as I had a 1976 Marshall JMP that I kept for years. So I'm used to that response...

What say you? What are the recommended mods these days to a 210H?
Marshall JVM 210H: (5 H Choke, anti stiffness, 67k resistor for negative feedback, OD gain reduction, Compression reduction, 1 ufd plexi cap)
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