Best Way To Use a JVM 410H With an External Stereo Power Amp

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Best Way To Use a JVM 410H With an External Stereo Power Amp

Post by raymitchell » Thu Jan 31, 2019 6:10 pm

Hey gang!

Long time lurker and first post here (I think?).

I just rejoined the JVM family and I'm wanting to build a new rig based around the JVM and my Axe Fx II XL+. The initial idea was to use two stereo 4x12 cabs nd have the JVM drive the 'inside' four 12 speakers and then, send the wet signal from my Axe Fx to the 'outside' four speakers via my Matrix power amp.

I'm setting it up so that the Axe Fx handles all pre and post effects via loops/blocks, etc.

The last time I had a JVM, I used my Weber Mass to get a line level signal and then I sent that to my rack for processing. It worked, but, I didn't like the tone coloration and the feel (lack of JVM power section driving cabs).

I thought about just leaving the amp in Standby mode and then sending the preamp out to the Axe Fx but, I don't know if the preamp out includes the resonance and presence controls in the signal - which I would want.

Anyhoo, just wanted to bounce this off yoou guys and see if you have any other methods and/or suggestions for getting this rig all connected and sounding good.

Thanks in advance for any help!


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Re: Best Way To Use a JVM 410H With an External Stereo Power Amp

Post by erpece » Fri Feb 01, 2019 8:38 am

Re-amping the speaker output of any amp is always tricky, but it is the best way to do re-amping IMO.

The thing is that most reactive loads (like the Weber Mass) color the sound, as you mentioned. IMO these units are designed to attenuate speaker volume levels rather than transparant line level sound processing. I use a Torpedo Live from Two Notes for re-amping and recording and I like how I can adjust all sorts of parameters like cabs, angles, distances and mics. The software that comes with it will allow you to make a impulse response of your own cab and mic. That got me very, very close to the real thing.
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Re: Best Way To Use a JVM 410H With an External Stereo Power Amp

Post by CaptNasty » Fri Feb 01, 2019 6:28 pm

You could use 4CM to integrate your Axe in front of and in the loop of the JVM then come out the Pre-Amp Out/Send to your external power amp.

The power amp insert is just before the master controls in the amp circuit. That should allow you to hit the channel tone stack that sits between the pre-amp and the power amp. You would lose the use of the master volumes, resonance and presence. The power amp insert is +4 dBu. If your power amp is consumer audio gear (-10 dBV), you would probably experience some signals degradation using that connection.

If you are adamant about keeping the Resonance and Presence controls in play, a load box feeding off the amp output appears be your only choice.

I integrated my Axe III and JVM a bit differently. I am using 4 CM to connect to the JVM. The JVM connects to a 1960TV. I also got a powered speaker (XiTone Michael Britt) and connected that directly to the Axe FX. Now I have both a 4CM setup and an FRFR setup that can be used independently. For that matter I can do any of the following
  • Presets with no amp or cab modeling using JVM Pre and Power amps and 1960TV
  • Presets with both amp and cab modeling using XiTone speaker
  • Presets with only amp modeling using JVM Power amp and 1960TV
  • Presets with only cab modeling using JVM Pre amp and XiTone speaker
I do have the Axe III, so the available connection options are more flexible. On the IIXL you could accomplish the same type of setup with a MIDI controllable loop controller (ala RJM Music Effect Gizmo) by sending the JVM Power Amp Insert Send to the loop controller and having the loop controller choose if the signal is sent to the JVM or your external power amp. Again with this option you lose your Master Controls.
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