Custom JVM Channel Switch Enclosure

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If you are selling a JVM please state why you are selling.
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Custom JVM Channel Switch Enclosure

Post by aberry9475 » Fri Jan 27, 2017 1:26 am

Hey yall!

This is an enclosure I made a few years ago, that actually just never got used as I never had enough money to build the pedalboard of my dreams (or buy a pedalboard..or buy pedals..okay, you get it). But I love tinkering, so I made it!

It is a diecast Hammond enclosure finished in sparkle black that is perfectly drilled out to fit the Marshall JVM footswitch circuitry. It has some dry transfer "craftsman grade" decals. If you do not like them, they'll come off cleanly with iso alcohol and a bit of elbow grease.

I initially made this pedal to fit a more confined pedalboard, but you know, money and things when you're 18. These things called ladies and also not having a job. You know..

So it has sat on a shelf for the past 4 years. At this point, I do have a bigger pedal board, and I'm actually building a long strip style enclosure to dump the circuitry into. Rather than just throw this piece out, I thought I'd offer it here! I really don't know what I'd even want for it, so just offer if interested.

If you're interested in it, but not very technical with things, it's really quite simple to install your chip into this. I can walk you through it. Inevitably, it is 4 stomp switches instead of 6 - I never really saw a need to toggle the Verb and FX loop when you can already program that into channels, so the 4 buttons are just the 4 channels, in my set up at least. That can certainly be changed as well.


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