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Reverb screws over sellers!!

Posted: Sun Feb 05, 2017 9:27 pm
by RockmanCentral
Just a heads up that as a seller, I've had terrible experiences with Reverb and it's staff.

My first bad experience, the buyer took 3 days to submit payment, and though I had a box ready to ship the amp in, I decided that it wouldn't protect it well enough, so it took an extra day for me to get a better box for shipping. The buyer contacted Reverb, and they told him to CANCEL the order!!! It got real ugly there for a while, with Reverb siding with the buyer all the way. The buyer ended up filing a claim with PayPal, but eventually gave in and allowed me to ship the item. In the end, the buyer was VERY happy with the amp and all was good, but no thanks to Reverb.

The second case came when I sold an item where the jacks were plastic and the outside part was broken. Now, I try to be straight up with my listings, so I took pictures, explained how I was going to replace them myself, but couldn't find exact replacements, so I was leaving to the buyer to repair. In other words, I FULLY DISCLOSED every detail about it so there would be no surprises. Of course the buyer claimed I didn't disclose it and insinuated that I was trying to defraud him, which was a total joke. But the Reverb guy "Evan", automatically sided with the buyer and tried to get me to accept a return, as if I had done something wrong. PayPal eventually sided with me and dismissed his claim, which is why I would NEVER leave it up to Reverb staff to arbitrate a dispute.

This last one I shipped a Tape Echo and as anyone knows who has had one, there is an adjustment as to how stiff or loose the head can move. I like mine loose since I control it with an external device. The buyer first complained that it was defective, and after I told him how to adjust it (which he said didn't work, but actually did by the time I got it back). He then resorted to complaining about the condition, which of course anyone who has dealt with Reverb is a sure fire way for a buyer to be able to back out of a deal and stick the seller with shipping costs. I asked for copies of the photos the buyer sent in, because he claimed to have another unit like the one I sold him. I wanted to verify the pictures he sent in were of the same unit. Of course, Reverb would never send them to me, so he could have downloaded them from the Internet for all I know!! The only scratch I saw on the item was NOT there when I sent it, as evidenced by the photo's I uploaded for the listing. But of course, the Reverb rep had made her decision before any of this came to light.

My advice is that if you absolutely MUST sell on Reverb, KEEP IT instead!!! There are too many buyers on Reverb that know how to play the game and Reverb will NEVER side with you as a seller. It doesn't matter what you say in your listing or any photo's/video you might have. Their default position is that you are trying to screw the buyer over and they will work against you every time!!! And NEVER allow direct Checkout with Reverb... always handle it through PayPal. It may take slightly longer, but at least they are willing to gather evidence before making a determination, and you have a better chance of winning if you have actually disclosed everything honestly.

Re: Reverb screws over sellers!!

Posted: Tue Feb 07, 2017 9:24 am
by jimsreynolds
Yeow! Sounds like you had a pretty miserable experience. Good to be warned about their attitude if that's the way it's going to be. I can see why they might default to the buyers perspective but theyneed to qualify these things more carefully. I haven't used Reverb in the past and would not be minded to now - unless buying of course!

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Re: Reverb screws over sellers!!

Posted: Tue Feb 07, 2017 12:44 pm
by Greg_L
Ebay is the same way. The buyer gets the benefit of the doubt because they're the one taking a leap of faith with actual money.

Re: Reverb screws over sellers!!

Posted: Wed Feb 08, 2017 1:24 pm
by jimsreynolds
Greg_L wrote:Ebay is the same way. The buyer gets the benefit of the doubt because they're the one taking a leap of faith with actual money.
Yeah that seems to be the way of it but I have difficulty following the logic.

I mean both buyer and seller have something of value to lose. Both parties are equally attractive to the site owner - its a symbiosis and the site cannot function without lots of both. There are 'trust'/feedback systems in place in both directions, to weed out the casual rogues and ultimately eBay/Paypal indemnify the buyer if there is a rogues seller on the patch (in many cases).

Maybe it is my crap understanding of the economics around these things but it strikes me that buyers and sellers have equal importance to middleman sites. Shouldn't they?

Re: Reverb screws over sellers!!

Posted: Wed Feb 08, 2017 10:48 pm
by RockmanCentral
jimsreynolds wrote: Maybe it is my crap understanding of the economics around these things but it strikes me that buyers and sellers have equal importance to middleman sites. Shouldn't they?
They say that, but at the end of the day they take the buyers word on it before even TALKING to the seller.
So that tells me right away where their bias is.
I've read some forums where sellers have been royally screwed by buyers on Reverb..... hooking up reverb units between the amp output and speaker cab and then reporting the item was defective after it got fried, that kind of thing.

The biggest scam is about the condition.... if they claim it wasn't in the advertised condition, good luck.
Of course, they can scratch it up or do whatever, take pictures and then claim it came that way.

I think I would resort to offering my honest OPINION about the condition, and then say but for the purposes of the sale, it's in terrible condition with scratches, doesn't power up, being sold AS IS, etc, etc but make it clear that you are only saying that to protect yourself. Not sure it would work based on my experience with Reverb, but it's the only way I'd ever chance selling anything with them again.

Re: Reverb screws over sellers!!

Posted: Mon May 20, 2019 3:55 am
by aberry9475
Sorry to hear about your negative experiences. My .02 - and I am in no way trying to discredit you or affiliated with Reverb in any way other than as a casual user - is that I've had an okay time on there. I used to sell on eBay before Reverb existed, and man, do they screw you deep with that 10% fee right off the bat. I'd say about 75% of my Reverb transactions are buying, 25% are selling. Maybe about 50 total over the past few years ranging from amps, guitars, pedals, speakers.

I've never had a major issue arise from selling. One thing I will say though is, if you plan on selling some shit on there, do your research and pack that stuff up right. Man I could've come back up on some sellers for this, but I'm a generally easy going kind of guy with that stuff, and if it shows up and isn't damaged, I'm cool. Speakers are the worst though. They got tossed around and the frames (part where they mate to the cab) just want to punch right through the boxes they're in when dropped. Can't even trust FedEx these days!

Anyways, sorry to hear you've had a rough time with these guys. Sounds like a chain of bad luck. I believe you though. For what it's worth, I've got a bunch of vintage blackbacks I'm thinking about selling soon. Think I'll put 'em on the ole Craigslist first. Avoid those issues entirely. Plus no selling fees, though, you'll usually have to take a little less since everyone on there seems to want a bargain since it's Craigslist and not some big corporation backing it like eBay or Reverb. It is what it is..

Re: Reverb screws over sellers!!

Posted: Sun May 26, 2019 4:35 pm
by okgb
I've had good luck & experience buying & selling on Reverb, but I'll NEVER sell another thing on ebay
[ edmond Ho claimed a 35 yr nos pedal I sold was defective - It was not - and paypal ebay sucked the money out of my account before there was any proof of it getting sent back, avoid that name btw ! ]

Like anywhere/thing document it well w/ pix including the packing and make a video of it operating

I bought a gtr off of reverb and when I received it, it could not be intonated. the seller said " what do you want me to do , it's no returns "
once I sent a video evidence of being unable to intonate the gtr, reverb contacted the seller who took it back, Reverb was going to send me prepaid shipping label for it's return but couldn't since I was out of the country, so they gave me the equivalent amount in Reverb bucks.

One of the things I like about Reverb is not having to use paypal, [ you still can if you want to ] I save money not being screwed by PP exchange rates
, Reverb direct deposits into my bank account leaving it in U.S. currency , PP will not do that. It costs me less than 8% to sell on Reverb what is ebay now ? double that?