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A little update

Post by Jackie » Fri Mar 17, 2017 8:27 pm

First of all, a "business-like" apology: a while ago, I appointed myself the dictator of the Mod Catalogue, and if there were any new mods that were around and didn't get added because your message fell on a... deaf... inbox?... from my part, I sincerely apologize and hope the other guys sorted it out. [smilie=icon_redface.gif]

I have to admit, I haven't posted on this forum for a while and I really haven't been reading it much either. I guess I've become one of those guys that's just sitting there shredding their JVM not complaining, the type that Andy sometimes mentions when people say "how many bad things folks say about the JVM". I still lurk from time to time, though.

Gear-wise, I'm selling my Mesa (got fed up with it eventually) and I moved my JVM back to the main powerhouse for my first band BattleX. Everytime I come to a gig I'm glad I made that choice because to me there ain't nothing like the Marshall for what I need, rhythm-wise and lead wise in that band.

Band-wise, I'm rolling two thrash bands now! The other band is called Panikk and we just released a new record called "Discarded Existence" (shameless plug), where my newly acquired VHT Sig:X and my Jackson now crush skulls. I'm the lead guitarist (hehe how things turn out, eh?). All the rhythm guitars were reamped on my JVM410H and I'm really happy with the results [smilie=banana_smiley.gif]

Enough about me - how's everyone been? All (or most) of the crew still kicking? [smilie=icon_mrgreen.gif]
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Re: A little update

Post by Dark Horse » Wed Mar 22, 2017 12:31 pm

Well, I'll be danged. Good to hear from you, man! Don't stay away so long.

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Re: A little update

Post by mohi » Thu Mar 23, 2017 2:53 am

Welcome back! glad to read your Marshall addiction makes nothing to improve :) and that you're still in the music business.
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