"Sleeping Beauty" NWOBHM reloaded

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"Sleeping Beauty" NWOBHM reloaded

Post by sitfly » Mon Aug 18, 2014 10:43 am

After net practicing around 20hrs we got the opportunity to play our very first gig at a motorcycle jamboree near Berlin. We did some kind of pre-opening for this festival.
To be honest: I do not think we are really ready for a "take-off", but we thought it might be a good chance to set a first foot print [smilie=icon_wink.gif]
The camera has been placed bad, we did not had the chance for a proper sound check but it was fun anyway [smilie=headbang.gif]
Unfortunately the second guitar does not cut through the mix, although he is playing a good old JCM 800. Later we found out that his crappy mutli FX (must have been produced somewhere in stoneage [smilie=icon_wink.gif] ) puts some kind of a blanket over his stack [smilie=icon_cry.gif]


...not really NWOBHM, but because this event is organized by MC "Born to be wild" we thought it might be a good idea to play this one (after having practiced it for 3 times) [smilie=icon_mrgreen.gif] :


Please feel free to comment, and in case you would like to give a "Like":
https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sleeping ... 693?ref=hl

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Re: "Sleeping Beauty" NWOBHM reloaded

Post by Tonemeister » Mon Aug 18, 2014 2:42 pm

[smilie-rock] [smiley-shreds] sweet...

camera is in the perfect spot. I love the guy that's rocking out at the beginning of 'born to be wild' smilie=icon_lol.gif
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