Second Song

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Second Song

Post by rAvianCe » Fri Jan 16, 2015 3:14 pm

You are welcome to listen to it :)

Lead Guitar is all JVM410H and the half of the rhytm guitar.
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Re: Second Song

Post by Tonemeister » Fri Jan 16, 2015 3:31 pm

right on... cool tune [smilie=gt-happyup.gif]
- Marshall JVM410H: Negative Feedback Mod (33k-500k, linear), Compression Mod, One-Wire Cascade Mod, OD2-to-OD1 Mod, P.I. Boost Mod (with 33k in R52), Plexi Cap Mod (1uF), Modified C83 Mod (1- OFF, 2- 0.68uF, 3- 1.0uF, 4- 1.5uF, 5- 2.2uF, 6- 3.2uF), Gain Reduction Mod, Blackface Mod, Mesa Rectifier Mod, 50W (two tubes: 37.5mV), LED Footswitch Mod
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