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Re: Help in playing faster

Post by Jshannon3 » Sun Aug 04, 2019 4:51 am

Hello: Great suggestions and sound advice all over the board. The number one thing to speed is practice, practice, practice!! Take a lick from a fast guitar player and learn it, of course it will be hard at first, but you have to train your hands to move like that, and keep your movements small, like mentioned in the above post, less movement=faster time. Break the lick down into sections, and learn each section, then piece it together once you've mastered each section. You're gonna get discouraged when you can't do it right away, but that is where the practice piece comes in, never give up, I'll bet you once you master the lick, other licks will come much easier the more you practice them. I like studying Marty Freidman, the dude is a god on the fret board, I pick up on little pieces of his solos and piece them together, and if I wanna learn a lick, I'll sit down, get the sheet music for it, and break it down so I can learn it in sections. Then BAM!!! I got it. It may take a little time, but hell, we are all not wired the same(I don't know how Marty picks like that though!). A metronome is good for timing, but some of those licks are milliseconds in time. Finger training and practice is what you need...and remember..patience!
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