4-12 Cabinet w 2 v30's, and 2 G12t-75

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4-12 Cabinet w 2 v30's, and 2 G12t-75

Post by corvairdoug » Mon Jul 10, 2017 10:52 pm

I'm thinking of putting 2 Vintage 30's in my cabinet. I'll probably stick them in the top half. My question is, how do you mic a setup like that for a live gig?
Sorry if it's an ignorant question. \
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Re: 4-12 Cabinet w 2 v30's, and 2 G12t-75

Post by Greg_L » Thu Jul 13, 2017 6:24 am

If it's an A cab, put them on the bottom. If you put V30s up top in an angled "top" cab all you will hear are Vintage 30s. They're SO much louder than G12T-75s. They easily overpower almost any speaker you pair with them. If it's a straight bottom cab, put them in an X-pattern for the best blend you can get out of that pairing.

As for miking, that's easy. You usually only mic one speaker live, so pick a speaker and mic it. If you want to mic one of each speaker and blend them, then that's more tricky. You'll need to mic each speaker very carefully and watch/listen for phase issues.
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