Celestion Creamback Initial Review...

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Re: Celestion Creamback Initial Review...

Post by kmanick » Sat Nov 02, 2019 5:25 pm

I have an early JCM800 2X12 cab I bought second hand that had early GT-75's in it (screens in the middle of the center of the magnets)
I swapped one our for a G12M-65 cream back today, and even out of the box new, I'm getting more of what this cab was missing.
The Creamback new(at least) is a lot darker , than the 75 that's still in there. I've been told by several people that the early 75's were basically 65's with bigger magnets. I believe it, the ones in my cab are really bright. Now with these 2 mixed I'm getting a bit more of the thicker "mids" that was looking for. I've alway had an issue with an "ice pickiness" with my JVM and I think this speaker may just take care of that.
I'm playing in a classic rock cover band right now (mostly 70's and 80's hard rock) and my cab was just missing something.
I think I found it with this speaker. I can actually use the presence and treble now on my JVM a little more aggressively.
I have a Mesa 2x12 with the Mesa V30's in it that, I alternate with the Marshall cab and I had the same issue with that cab as well.
I also just recently picked up a Landry LS-30. I've been using that lately in rehearsals.
I can't wait to see what the Creamback does to it in a band mix at some decent volume. that little amp has been a pleasant surprise.
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