The marshall MX412A/B Cabinets

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The marshall MX412A/B Cabinets

Post by Jshannon3 » Sat Nov 03, 2018 9:34 am

Everybody is dogging on the vietnam made marshall MX412 A/B cabs. Whats wrong with them? I have them, and i have a JVM 410H head powering them, and they freaking rock and they have good tone. Their really punchy, and fast acting giving you that new wave metal sound. They do have celestion 60 watt 12 inch speakers combining for a max handling of 240 watts at 16 ohms. Everybody is dogging on these speakers in reviews and feedbacks, I just thought i would post something good about them. They perform well with my JVM410H. Rock on dudes!!!!!and dudettes!!!!!!
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