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Cabinet Swap

Post by halpasumnor » Wed Jun 18, 2014 2:28 am

So I have a Marshall JCM900 1960A cab with the 4 g12t75's in it. I have a carvin 4x12 with 4 vintage 30's. I ordered 2 g12h30 anniversarys. Here are my intentions

Marshall Cab 2 V'30's and 2 G12h30 x pattern
Carvin 2 g12t75 and 2 vintage 30's x pattern

The Marshall will be the main cab for my 410 and the carvin cab will be the main cab for my V3.

What do ya think? How should I set the X Pattern?
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Marshall 1960A JCM900 Lead G12T75
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Marshall 1960A G12H30 Anniversary and V30 X Pattern
Carvin 4X12 G12H30 Anniversary and V30 X Pattern
Avatar 2x12 Contemporary G12T75 partial open back
Avatar Traditional 2x12 G12H 75 Creamback and V30 partial open back
Avatar old traditional 2x12 G12H30 Anniversary and Greenback partial open back

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