Walking through the summer (guitar instrumental)

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Walking through the summer (guitar instrumental)

Post by wolbai » Sun Jul 30, 2017 8:35 pm

Walking through the summer – music by wolbai

Initially I wanted to make a quick backing track for a planned finger vibrato tutorial. But then, as often, a musical journey with it's own pace has started. Well, it finally has generated this guitar instrumental ballad [smilie=icon_biggrin.gif]

I think the chord progression is well made for a ballad: a lot of half tone steps can be played with bendings and vibrato on top of it.
Wanted to squeeze out as much of emotions out of one single note.

All in all it is a challenge to generate a proper intonation in a recorded guitar ballad: you merciless hear any wrong intonation (with bendings and finger vibrato). But this also forces to play with a strong discipline.
As far as I am concerned, I am on an ongoing finger vibrato journey over the past years and there is no end in sight [smilie=icon_mrgreen.gif]

I recorded the E-guitar tracks (there is also an acoustic guitar track) with my Marshall JVM410: Clean (green), Crunch (red).
I have tried to flavour the leadparts with variations of the guitar volume knob and different pickup selections.

These days, mainstream guitar playing seems to exist either of crystal clean or (bass like) highly compressed metal tones [smilie=icon_sad.gif]
The art to play with medium gain in the crunch arena and to (re)discover the guitar volume/tones knobs and pickup selection is rarely find.
Any how: my JVM410 does this very well too.
Not saying that I am perfect in that type of "old school playing". But that is what I partially have done in that recording. And I am repeatedly astonished how nice a guitar can sound and sing with little gain and a proper finger vibrato.

The drum part is programmed with EZ Drummer 2 (80s Drums). Great package [smilie=gt-happyup.gif]
I am more then happy to manage the drummer of my "home recording band" so smoothless [smilie=icon_wink.gif]

The keyboard tracks and the bass is recorded with a midi-keyboard and various plug-ins.

When my daughter heard this song the first time, she told me that she thinks of summer and sun flowers. Well, that finally leaded to the song title and some picture I have used in the video. [smilie=icon_biggrin.gif]

Have fun, watching / listening:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pMEa99U ... e=youtu.be

Your feedback is important to me.

summer greetings from Nuremberg / Germany - wolbai
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