Joe Satriani - Satch Dreams (JVM410 Crunch channel)

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Joe Satriani - Satch Dreams (JVM410 Crunch channel)

Post by wolbai » Sat Oct 03, 2015 8:48 am

Hi to all,

this is another recording with my JVM410h using the Crunch channel.

I use this amp also for home recordings with a Rivera RockCrusher and a Radial JDX DI Box. For this specific recording I have chosen the Crunch channel (Orange Mode). In this channel you still can hear differentiations from your picking style (fingers and guitar pic) or by switching the PU selector.

I consider this as a great channel for a dynamic playing style (and I am still discovering this channel for that purpose).

As I currently do not play in a band, I tend to crab all backing tracks I can get and noodle along with them. And sometimes, the outcome is what I would call “musical”.

I recently rediscovered a backing track form Joe Satriani. The song is called "Satch Dreams". To me, this backing has some mystical elements: Great sound coloration I love to cruise over.

The beat is a 6/8 rhythm. Initially this was pretty hard for me to log into the groove. The backing itself is spherical and slow motion. The challenge is not to play a lot of notes and to let the backing breath. This requires a kind of mature playing discipline.

The main chord in the backing is B minor, and most of the other chords (Em7, Gmaj7, D, A) are taken from the B natural minor, or Aeolian, scale (B C# D E F# G A). The only exceptions are the F# and F#7 which you either ignore or apply the B harmonic minor (B C# D E F# G A#). Apart from the B minor pentatonic scale, the chord progression itself invites to play modal forms of the D-major scale and arpeggios.

I recorded this in one Take, so not all phrases are really top. But I like the overall mood. And most of it is improvised (I bet: I never can play it like that again). With the exception of the backing this improvisations has not that much in common with the original song. ...

Let me know what you’re thinking about.

Rocking greetings - wolbai
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