What Tubes For V1 & V2 In JVM 205H?

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What Tubes For V1 & V2 In JVM 205H?

Post by tbomb » Tue Jul 24, 2018 2:42 pm

Hi All...First post in the forum since it came back. Looking for some advice on what preamp tubes work best in V1 and V2 to give you a warmer, not so compressed high gain tone when using OD Orange in the JVM 205H. I tried all standard JJs in there and didn’t care for the tone so much. Right now in V1 and V2 I have Tung Sols with JJs in the rest. I like the tone for the most part and the level of gain is right where I want it to be, but the highs seems to be a bit much. Now I am very new to tube rolling so I went out and bought a bunch of different current production tubes that I wanted to try, but I’m not even sure what combination to start with. Here is what I have:

JJ ECC83s - Standard
12AX7/ECC83 - Electro-Harmonix
12AX7 - Genalex Gold Lion, Standard
12AX7 C - Groove Tubes
12AX7/CV4004 - Mullard
12AX7A-C5 - Ruby Tubes
12AX7 - Tube Amp Doctor, Premium
ECC803/12AX7 - JJ Electronics, Long Plate, Pin Type: Regular

Anyone have any experience with the above tubes in V1 and V2 of their JVM? Thanks in advance...
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Re: What Tubes For V1 & V2 In JVM 205H?

Post by DalyCro » Tue Jul 24, 2018 5:02 pm

I think you have to test it. Someone will say that Tungsol is warmer in V1 and someone JJ or EHX. Sound is completly subjective thing. So many things influence sound that you seeking. I bet my ear can hear some frequencies that yours dont and vise versa so asking someone how tube sound in V1/V2 is tricky question and you can easily be misguided. I tell you my experience from changing tubes in preamp...I tried Tungsol, EHX, Ruby, JJ, TAD selected and in some variations I could hear the difference. Subtle diferences. It's neverending quest if you ask me.
What will probably happen at the end of the day...you will get 10 band EQ in the loop. smilie=icon_lol.gif
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