My preamp tube-cocktail

All about tube choices for the JVM series. See workbench for biasing and tube problems you may have.

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My preamp tube-cocktail

Post by Rene2k » Sat Jan 17, 2015 12:46 pm

Hey guys,
I recieved my preamp tubes today and I'll share it with you to get any feedback/experiences.

V1 - genelex Gold Lion ecc83b759
V2 - shuguang
V3 - shuguang
V4 - tungSol
V5 - EH w/Gold pins
1 Std EH
2 Std JJs
PowerTubes are still stock
I don't have the chance to check the result before january 31st. 'cause my cabinet's kept by the roadies.
Any clues in which direction the Amp goes by swapping the way I did? Any changes are welcome.
Thanks for your answers...
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