HJS Trifecta

You just bought a Marshall JVM and it was dead or has died soon after purchase. Tell us your story.

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HJS Trifecta

Post by CaptNasty » Sun Jan 06, 2019 7:03 pm

Got my new HJS in February 2018. After several weeks with the amp I was playing when there was a loud pop and sizzle then no output. Took the amp to local Marshall authorized repair center. An output tube had gone, taking the HT fuse with it. A couple days later I got the amp back after they had repaired the amp under warranty. Additionally while doing the repair, the tech found some bad/cold solder joints and went ahead and fixed those.

I started noticing that there was a buzz emanating from the head while it was on stand by. I took the amp back to my local repair center. The tension bolts on the output transformer were loose, allowing vibration to occur within the output transformer. Some wrench turns and some lock tite took care of the issue. The repair was again performed under warranty.

Finally the noise coming from the amp was driving me nuts. I played around and figured out the noise reduced considerably when I turned off the effect loop on the amp and removed cabling from the Send/Return jacks. I returned the amp back to the local repair center. There was a grounding issue with the effects loop. Another warranty repair, the problem was resolved.

All of this took place over a month. The repairs cost me nothing other than the time it took to drop off the amp at the repair center on my way to work. Once all of these issues were addressed the amp has been great.
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Re: HJS Trifecta

Post by RockmanCentral » Tue Jan 08, 2019 1:57 pm

It sucks you had to have your tech act as Marshall's quality control and fix their mistakes, but glad that you are loving the amp now!
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