Hi from Stratford upon Avon

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Hi from Stratford upon Avon

Post by DavidJ » Wed May 16, 2018 4:28 pm

I joined the forum when I got my JVM last year. Don't think I posted much before the big sleep but I read and learned. Very pleased to see everything back up and running now.

I'm in a couple of bands - both have horn sections and keyboards. I play a range of stuff in the bluesy, jazzy, soul spectrum. I usually play a Les Paul Traditional, but sometimes a Squier Tele (cheap, but well-set up by a local tech, CTS pots, bone nut, orange drops) or 1980s Japanese Strat (same set up - same tech).

I don't want a shed-load of gain and I'm no shredder but I've always liked Marshalls and I love my JVM. I need enough SPL to cut through the racket and warm fat sounds for my rhythm playing (which is mostly my role). Once a while I need that extra volume and gain for soloing.

Lugging the amp and 1936 cab to gigs is a pain and if space is tight I don't bother and use a Session Blues Baby (SS Blues Junior clone - brilliant, check 'em out of you are not familiar). However when I do set up my half stack, I'm always glad I did - that's a versatile amp and sounds sweet on most channel/gain combinations.

I normally use a simple pedal board (TC electronic tuner, Marshall Blues Breaker, Boss Tremolo, Fender Delay) with a Volto power supply. I don't like too much kit/wiring on stage - I have enough trouble keeping out of the way of the horns and the 4 BVs!

I have experimented at home with a Berhinger V-Amp in a rack and FCB1010 midi controller to switch fx patches and channels. Very pleased with how easily that all integrates. The clarity of the modulating fx through the loop is better and I really ought to spend time and set up a simple stage rig to take advantage of all that flexibility. So far though I've stuck with my simple pedal board into the front-end of the amp - and it also works a treat with my Session amp, which has no fx loop.

Happy to be here!


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Re: Hi from Stratford upon Avon

Post by nato » Sun May 20, 2018 1:06 am

Welcome. Make yourself at home.
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