Becoming addicted to modding

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Becoming addicted to modding

Post by Stein_R » Thu Mar 16, 2017 5:21 am

Hi. I'm a new member, and realized I had completely forgotten to introduce myself.

I'm 35, live in Norway, play in a band called InTherapy, and as I'm sure you can relate to, have a bad case og GAS.
I've been testing different equipment the last few years (since I took up guitar playing and joined a band after 15 years or so without playing), and have been going back and forth between amps, guitars and effects.

I bought a JCM800, which I got done a major mod on (Class A preamp, 4 channels) by a Swede called Tommy Folkesson. This amp sounds absolutely magnificent, and I'm not sure there is a sound you can't get from it. Love it! But expensive... Get a JCM800 then spend 1200$ on a mod...

Recently a came across a JVM410 at 400$ (Yes, a bargain). The owner said he had some problems with the sound on som channel, and I immediately expected faulty preamp tube(s). I bought it, tested with some old tubes I had laying around, and Voila! Worked like a charm.
I've owned a JVM before, and remembered I have read somewhere about modding it, and thats how i wound up in here :)

I have no background in electrical engineering, but have a steady hand, a good soldering station, can read schematics, and follow directions :)
I have made several mods to my JVM (see my signature), and while modding I have come across several problems and made mistakes, but have always managed to fix it :)
And in my efforts to mod, I have stumbled upon faulty components and bad soldering joints and corrected them.
As of now I'm loving my JVM, just hoping to figure out one grounding issue (See the plexiglass one wire thread if you feel like helping out ;) )

Modding the JVM has also made me more confident in my acquired skills, and I recently bought a faulty JTM60 and repaired that. Nice sounding amp (with som mods of course ;)

So I guess thats enough about me :)
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Re: Becoming addicted to modding

Post by Dark Horse » Wed Mar 22, 2017 12:18 pm


JVM 410H w/Mods: 1µF Plexi Cap, 3H Mojotone Choke, Neg. Feedback Adj. Pot.(500K)

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