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Hi everyone

Post by Jvmhjsuser » Sun Nov 12, 2017 3:16 am

I have a Marshall DSL40 with a 75 celestion creamback that I totally love for rock n roll
My Marshall JvmHjs has had less playing time and thinks it's a shame.
Can't get a suitable rhythm sound. gets muddy.
I'm a twelve/one o'clock gain stage guy at it's top at 2 o'clock . Like to roll the volume knob a lot.
I'm playing in 2 classic rock cover bands and in another little more today's heavy "chuggi chugg" 😊
I'm hoping to find some tip about settings or possible maybe some easier modd.
Would like some more attack.

I'm sure my Jvm will get more play time if I can find a good rhythm sound.
For solos it's really great in my opinion.

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