Nonsense of 2020

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*Ira Tenax*
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Nonsense of 2020

Post by *Ira Tenax* » Thu Feb 06, 2020 9:21 pm

Hello guys,
I would like to ask you a question and share with you my experience.
I have been playing for years and I know various things between amps bought and sold such as guitars and various effects, but in the last few days I have discovered (if you can say it) a rather singular thing.
Among the various amps that I have had, my almost useless Behringer GMX212 that I have at home to practice at modest volumes, is surprising me.
Using it with headphones, the sound I perceive is clearly superior to that produced by its Jensen woofers.
So I connected it to the 2x12 Dragoon and noticed that with these speakers it sounds much better.
Now my question is: does the abysmal difference I feel depend only on the woofers?
I don't know, but I seem to understand that this inexpensive amp has good cards to be counted among those good objects for educational and backup use.
I don't want to exaggerate, but I think that probably the project, however cheap it may be, could have been valid if they had spent a few more minutes at the parent company to figure out which cones to use.
The sound range expressed in headphones and with Dragoon is significantly better than that expressed on the standard jensen (in my humble opinion).
I don't know, what do you say, would it be appropriate to replace the woofers?
Try before buy!
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Re: Nonsense of 2020

Post by DalyCro » Wed Feb 12, 2020 5:16 am

I believe that speaker creates about 70% sound of the amp, if not more. Sound is subjective things so for amp companies main thing for choosing an speaker for their amp is price...then the rest. All companies doing this. There are even signatures amps where amp has no exactly the same speaker as the player who participated in the design and sign the amp. Reason is price of speaker of course. To me thats retarded but thats business.
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