NAD: EVH 5150III 50 watt

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NAD: EVH 5150III 50 watt

Post by KingOfMemes » Mon Sep 03, 2018 11:06 am

So I recently sold my JVM410 Combo in favour of a head + 2x12 setup, and I figured now that I've gone that route why not get an amp that I've been eyeing on for awhile, the EVH 5150III 50 watt head. I've played thru them (100 watt version) many times at my local music store and have always been impressed. I went for the 50 watt version because I really have no need for 100 watts, especially since I already have my JVM410H. Also, the 50 watt versions are voiced similar to the stealth version of the 100 watt 5150 rather than the standard one, as well as features like the dual concentric knobs on channel 1/2 and a resonance control.

So it finally arrived today, and man does it sound good right out of the box. Cleans are Fendery clean, crunch is full on brown sound, and the overdrive channel is complete overkill in terms of gain. Right now I have the gain on 4 on the overdrive channel, and I suspect with some time that will go down even further. For context when I first got my JVM I started with gain on 7 and now its on 4. Its everything I expected and nothing I didn't. It certainly sounds very different from a JVM, its got a somewhat sizzling and fizzy character that can definitely get out of control if you've got the Presence set too high, but dialed in correctly it sounds super raw and aggressive, with a gain structure that is extremely pleasing to my ears. Between this amp and the JVM410H, I reckon there really isn't any tone that cannot be achieved. One gripe I have is the power and standby switch being on the back, but I suppose that can't be helped given the size of the front panel. The presence knob is also quite sensitive, and being a "sizzly" amp to begin with, I can't turn it past halfway without it turning into icepicks.

Anyway that's it for my initial thoughts, really liking it so far, and it certainly adds another dimension of tone to the already incredibly versatile JVM. One good EL34 amp, one good 6L6 amp, and that's really all you need. GAS cured for now...
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