Hughes & Kettner Tri-Amp Mk.3

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Hughes & Kettner Tri-Amp Mk.3

Post by tonefreak » Fri Mar 27, 2015 8:01 pm

Has anyone else seen this thing?
the good...
It's got SIX CHANNELS on THREE SEPARATE PREAMPS with INDEPENDENT volume, gain, bass, mids & treble for each!
Up to 150 watts! (2 sets of 6l6 and a pair of EL34s) and takes almost ANY set of power tubes AND THE AMP BIASES THEM!
Comes with an awesome pedal for switching almost EVERYTHING, including which power tubes are being used!
MIDI controlled
2 switchable effects loops
six channels/three preamps -
1a. 50's American Clean
1b. 60's British Clean
2a. 70's British Lead
2b. 80's Brown Sound
3a. 90's California High Gain
3b. High Gain & Beyond

the bad...
PRICE ($3999)
it has NINE preamp tubes and SIX power tubes... that is A LOT OF GLASS
I can't be sure if it will give you the same killer CRUNCH (2a & 2b) that the JVMJS has

If it gives a great crunch tone it will be similar to the JVMJS, a do-it-all masterpiece.
But even BETTER!

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