JVM & HX Effects?

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JVM & HX Effects?

Post by Sirion » Sun Mar 03, 2019 11:52 am

I have been looking at getting an HX Effects for my JVM205C. I originally had envisioned a G-System for the matter, but it does not work well with either loop out of the box (serial loop is too hot, parallel loop can't handle 100% wet), and it has been relegated to my rack rig, where it works capitally.

My question is therefore: If I get an HX Effects and run it in 4-cable-mode, will the send/receive in the unit be able to handle the signal from the amp? Has anybody tried this combo?

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Re: JVM & HX Effects?

Post by Iwanarock » Wed Mar 13, 2019 5:00 pm

I am also thinking about buying a HX Effects to replace my m13 to use with my JVM410h and EVH510 iii. Probably will do so in next week or so. As soon as i do and get the time i will report back. Every thing i have read on the HX effects seems like it can be used to switch channel on the JVM if that is your question. Heck today i use my old POD XT as a midi controller only (all amp models and effects off) and it works like a charm with no delay. So with the midi capability of the HX effect and the JVM this should work.

I will say the the POD XT layout makes it easy to use as a midi channel switcher to go thru the 4 channels and various modes. What i am not as sure about is how easy that will be to accomplish with the HX effects by itself. Example going from Clean channel to Crunch orange and then red all within the same song (think the song Kryptonite 3 doors down - opening Clean channel, Kick into Crunch orange pre-chorus and chorus, back to clean, then Choruses and then Crunch red for lead).

One thing i do like about the HX effects form what i have read is you can create one preset that has multiple effects enabled and all can be called up and a amp channel with one single tap. Programing it and getting it do what i want to for a entire gig with 35 songs or so we will have to see. I would love to get rid on the POD XT because of its size on my pedal if i can and simplify. We shall see if this can do it.

Truthful i never tried to do this with M13, not saying it can't as i never tried it i just used it with me POD XT as midi controller and M13 as my multi effects unit and a couple of my overdrive pedals, tuner and ISP decimator.
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