Loop switcher placement

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Loop switcher placement

Post by Orca » Mon Aug 19, 2019 2:05 pm

Hi everyones,
I have a G system which I use in the serial loop, I am thinking to go back to stomp box and I am looking at some loop switcher.
Can I use a loop switcher in the serial loop of the JVM410H? or does anyone use a loop switcher in the serial loop?
With the parrallel one you can hear the phasing effect even at 100% wet when I tune my guitar, which is anoying.
Thanks for you help.
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Re: Loop switcher placement

Post by JLantern » Thu Sep 05, 2019 11:31 pm

Hi. I have this exact same setup - VoodooLab loop switcher and G-system. I've found that best sound quality is achieved with an unorthodox "3 Cable Method", where you run the signal chain as follows:

1. Guitar -> loop switcher
2. Pedals in loops, as preferred
3. Loop switcher -> Amp input
4. Amp serial loop send ( -> more pedals if you like) -> G-system insert loop return
5. G-system output -> amp loop return
6. Speaker out -> cab

This way you'll lose the G's 1st section, meaning compressor and filter. But the sound is IMMENSELY better because you also get rid of two stages of AD/DA conversion. G's tuner works, but receives signal from amp, so first switch to clean sound with no fx when tuning.

You can use a pedals in the loop switcher to replace what you're missing from the G, try Xotic SP compressor for instance. I also run a MXR micro chorus pedal in front of the amp, it sounds awesome with both clean and drive sounds. And this way I can use the G's mod block for modulated delay (serial2 routing, flanger on the delays).

G's Insert loop locked on, of course. And take care of levels, the G does seem to clip quite easily if channel volumes are high from the amp. Lower the channel volumes and raise up the master volumes. Adjust G's loop levels and headroom carefully (input volume is excluded from this equation). I'm still trouble shooting this levels issue, since I came up with this signal routing on an Engl Fireball and Peavey 6505+, both of which the G somehow handled way better.

I've got the pedals (on a drawer shelf) and G's brain in a rack. All switching is done via G (midi control to Loop switcher and Amp) so only one LAN cable from the rack to the G's floor unit. Shure gldx pedal wireless in the rack too, so literally the one cable on the floor. (Unless I want to use a wah, in which case I run a pair cable from the wireless to the wah and back.)

Feel free to ask any questions!
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