G-Major 2 Editor - which one?

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G-Major 2 Editor - which one?

Post by Mr_Moo » Fri Jan 13, 2017 9:28 am

I've finally decided it's time to enter the mid-20th Century, and have put a bid in on a G-Major 2.

On further investigation, it seems that TC Electronic have two hardware versions - the earlier version has spdif and accepts Firmware version 1.02. The later version has no spdif and has firmware 1.03 (or 1.3 according to some sections of the TC site). But V1.03 onwards is not available for download, and it looks like the Vyzor software is only available by downloading the firmware/editor bundle. (Which TC says not to use with the later hardware).

So my question is this. Does anyone here have the second gen G-Major 2? And what editor do you use with it? Can you use the editor that comes bundled with the v 1.02 firmware? Or is a different version necessary? And where could I find that version, since TC don't offer it online?

The Vyzor website seems to be down "for maintenance". Are they still in operation?

Thanks in advance.
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