Both Loops at the same time?

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Both Loops at the same time?

Post by Nev » Fri Jun 09, 2017 10:31 pm

Got a JVM 205h, and as all of you are aware, it's got a lot of gain noise when using channels OD1 or OD2.
I've tried the 4 Cable Method with my Rack Effects Processor and use the Gate within it. It works pretty good but I really have to have the level up into the 80's or more.
So I was thinking, if the Serial loop is always on the moment you plug something into it, can you put a Decimator into the Serial loop, leave it ON, THEN, use the effects processor in the Parallel loop for the delays, Reverbs, Chorus, etc.
Anyone try that?
That way I could kill at least half of the noise and then not have to use such a high level of Gate on my Processor.
In theory, this may work...

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