problems about Midi with jvm 215C and joyo pxl live

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problems about Midi with jvm 215C and joyo pxl live

Post by relay » Mon Nov 13, 2017 2:51 pm

Hello, i'm Paolo, from Rome, having purchase this ampli (215C) since a few months. I only played it live twice and I must say it's too loud (50w) even for a medium. venue. Setting gain at 3 o'clock and volume at noon it's hard to go further than 2 (7 o'clock) with masters.
Anyway: does anyone use Midi to swich beetween the jvm modes? I do it trough a switcher by joyo (pxl live) that I found very hard to set up.
I didn't understand which channel should I select for each mode. For example: using midi channel 1 the ampli goes to clean green; midi channel 7 goes to clean orange,midi channel 3 goes to clean red, midi ch. 9 goes to OD red. No midi channels found for the other modes....
I know it's also possible using the operating modes written in the jvm modality.
The problem is my PXL LIVE: sometimes it changes midi parameters that I have just presetted before:
for example I use Pxl to switch at the same time the Eventide midi delay (channel 2 midi) and the ampli channel. When I presetted bank 5 i discovered that only changed the channel ampli but not the eventide preset. Looking for the reason it was happening I found that the PXL parameter (A1 was now setted to OFF and not to PC) was shifted.... Setting it to "PC" it worked well, but suddenly another bank was now modified without reason...
Everytime I tried to fix one midi parameter something happened to other midi parameters in other banks.....
I'm going crazy about this!!!!
Anyone had similar problems?
Could anyone suggest how to solve them?
Thank you

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