we're still working on it, virus damage and PHPbb3 version problems to sort out the old server was running really old deprecated software , including deprecated php and database practices which would not help security in the slightest ... "magic quotes was deprecated years ago ! meanwhile
Here's just one example of hostmonster incompetence
Hi, Site Backup Pro
does not work V
Hi Andy, I apologize for the wait time. My name is Vaishnav, how are you today? A
ok thanks
verification ccJy8Y
I can not make partial or complete restores from the backup tool
Thank you very much for validating.
A Have already contacted you guys before with no improvement
There was a problem in completing your request. Please contact support with incident ID: D5A4415B07A17C66B88C7407CF09D7C6. V
I see that the account was deactivated for malware attack. A
yes V
It is not suggested to restore any files from the backup as the backup files can have affected as well. A
I want to download backup files to be able to fix it on my pc
are you saying backup is denied me because of the account status ? V
the download option for the backup tool will not work. You can only restore the files to the file manager from the Back up pro tool. A
that is stupid V
I apologize for the inconvenience. Our experts are still working on the download option. A
I cant even list stored files V
It is suggested to remove the files that are affected from the file manager.
Or you can use FTP to download the current files in the file manager and then you can clean the files locally and re upload them. A
this is a very serious failure on HM ! WHY does it not tell me that because of account status I cant use the tool ?
I already chatted to support and they never told me about this "feature" V
The tool is mainly used to restore individual files to your file manager. However, when the account is affected by malware, it is not suggested to restore from the backups. A
that is stupid ! if my site was not infected a week ago then I could restore to the weekly backup - and overwrite infected code ! thats what backup is for !!!!! V
Yes, but when the account is affected, there is chance that the backups are affected as well. It is just my suggestion. You can try restoring if you wish. A
It will not allow me to browse which files I want to restore
There was a problem in completing your request. Please contact support with incident ID: D5A441A376BE0666B88D741EB00E383D.